Suicide Loss

Every suicide is a tragedy that affects families, communities and countries and has long-lasting effects on the people left behind.

World Health Organization, 2014


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Young Adults:

Seib Heather Servaty and David C. Fajgenbaum (2015) We Get It (stories of grieving college students/young adults including a suicide loss)


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For Adults Supporting Children:

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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, & Suicide Prevention Resource Center.
After a suicide: A toolkit for schools.                                                                                      

The Journey (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)
 (one hour film of the survivors of suicide loss sharing their stories and how they coped)
Interview with Dr. Jack Jordan (author of the text: Grief After Suicide, 2011).

Interview with Thomas Joiner, Ph.D
(father died of suicide; author of Why People Die By Suicide (2006) and Myths about Suicide (2011).

Childhood Traumatic Grief Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Child Traumatic Grief Resources for Educators

Coalition to Support Grieving Students

Maine Suicide Prevention Program

Maine Teen Suicide Prevention
Violent Death Bereavement Society